Operation WEBS (OpWEBS) builds high-quality, sustainable, and affordable Tiny Homes On Wheels (THOW) to provide rapid re-housing solutions for displaced & homeless women veterans. Our mission is to create, develop, and manage a THOW Eco-Farming Community for the growing population of underserved women veterans who are financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically incapable of securing suitable housing on their own due to their hardships and struggles of unimaginable difficulties following military service.

Operation WEBS


Our vision is to provide a self-sustaining, eco-friendly, tiny home community which offers the empowerment, enrichment, independence, purpose, and security that our veteran sisters desperately need to aid in their successful transition back to civilian normalcy after military service.

Meet the Team

Heather Wethington


Director of Engineering

Sandra Royster


Director of Farming / Permaculture

Melissa Edwards


Grants Administrator

Chantal Briggs-Satterwhite


Chief Financial Officer