Sandy Blair

Founder & CEO

Sandy served 12 years on active duty in the United States Air Force, then 4 years as a Peace Officer, and has now created another avenue to further serve her community. It was not that long ago when the devastating news of a medical discharge from the Air Force was eminent for her. The uncertainty and stresses of her career prematurely ending was difficult to say the least. Depression, worthlessness, failure, physical ailments, anger, despair, and suicidal thoughts plagued her daily after being discharged as she was told repeated by civilian employers that she was “overqualified” for many jobs, including the same jobs she held in the military.

One morning she left her best friend’s home where she and her 2 small children were residing at the time. Her decision was that life was not worth living! That her family will be better off without the burden of her added struggles. That day her father suffered a heart attack at work, and she was called to help her mother with his care. That event changed her life as she went to support her parents during that trying time, putting her emotions on hold once again. Leaving Florida to reside with her parents in Georgia, Sandy was uncertain of her future.

Almost a year had passed without any decision from the VA regarding benefits or pension determination, or gainful employment. Sandy then enrolled in college to study residential construction. One year later, DeKalb County Police Department offered her the opportunity to become a police officer. Due to Sandy’s prior military medical condition, her law enforcement career was short lived. Upon her son’s graduation from high school she moved to California in pursuit of a career in real estate. Sandy obtained her real estate license and uses a portion of her commissions from real estate sales to take massive action on actualizing her supersized dream of starting a nonprofit to help women veterans regain stability after military service. As the founder of Operation WEBS, Sandy is now providing sustainable housing solutions to those facing homelessness.