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I will check in periodically with any upcoming events / any volunteer opportunities.


Attorney Michael Clayton & Santa Maria Noontimers Lions Club


June – July behind the scenes ’20-’21

Operation WEBS “Restoration Ranch” continued to prepare a couple small THOW pads. We want our volunteers to come and enjoy the tranquility of the ranch while sharing in the experience of building, wood working, crafting, clean-up, dead tree harvesting, chainsaw and fire safety, fellowship, and camaraderie.
HUGE THANK YOU to Santa Maria Elks Lodge volunteers and Elks Veterans Committee Grant donation of tools, building materials, and their personal time. Volunteers from Vandenberg Space Force Base worked tirelessly to clean up tree that fell, split wood, demo the container THOW in preparation for remodel, built furniture and so much more! Volunteer heavy equipment operators helped with much needed infrastructure and minor road improvements. GRATEFUL


Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan)
Jay Leno (Jay Leno’s Garage Show)
Tim Kuniski (President, Chrysler)

Operation WEBS

August was filled with encouragement!

In 2020 when the COVID Pandemic almost ended OpWEBS, God showed his grace by touching the hearts of these three very generous, humble, selfless, talented, compassionate men that they may collaborate on how they could be a blessing to me!

I’m still astonished by this incredibly kind and extremely generous gift!

Just to meet Jay Leno and Gary Sinise, which I have admired for years for their selfless work with our military and veterans, would have been an absolute dream come true. Then I learn of their plan to make me a part of the show, that was a kicker for sure. I was in shock the entire time!! THEN, they stunned me further with the gift of this very expensive van, a brand new 2021 Chrysler Pacifica!

My God has no limits!!!!

I am so grateful, happy, and STILL in shock. I have always been passionate about serving. Now I have one less thing to worry about with this blessing.
The segment was selected to be a part of Jay Leno’s Garage Show, Season 6 Premier, CNBC, just eleven days after our 4th Annual Gala, 9/22/21.



“Celebration of Freedom”

September 11, 2021

4th Annual Gala “Celebration of Freedom” was more than successful!!

So many to reasons, people, businesses, & organizations to GIVE THANKS TO!!

Here are just a few mentions

Santa Maria Elks Lodge: cooks, servers, bar tenders, set-up and clean-up crews, security made this event outstanding!! The food, service, and decor were exceptional!! Central Coast Auction Service, Bankers, volunteers, sponsors and donors YOU ROCK!! Special recognition and thanks to Mr. Jay Leno for the video message and personal phone call that evening, it was such a WONDERFUL surprise!! Kathie Martinez, Former Department President, Los Angeles American Legion Auxiliary drove from LA to present a donation check for $14,000 which she raised during 2019-2020 for OpWEBS. Local Band of Brothers (BoB) Honor Guard presented Colors during National Anthem which was sung by none other than my local favorite hero, combat veteran, David “Doc” Oliver Band.

Attendees raised over $50k! Our expenses were right at $8k. Net for 2021: Just over $45K

Operation WEBS


Guideposts Magazine Guest Speaker Invitation

Operation WEBS

Truly an HONOR to have been selected not only to be featured on the cover of Guideposts Magazine, September 2020 issue, but to also be selected as a speaker at their Annual Guideposts National Gathering in Huntington Beach, October 6-8, 2021.

Through Christ, ALL things are possible!
I was touched and inspired by the love, gratitude, forgiveness, prayers, and stories of the lives they’ve touched through the Magazine. I felt so embraced by the Spirit of our Lord and loved by all the members. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to fellowship with some of the most humble and giving men and women I’ve been so blessed to meet at this incredibly moving event!